Prolyte Arc 10x8m

The Prolyte Arc 10x8m is a must for a sensational show! This timeless stage consists of four arched trusses that are anchored to the side struts. The 2,450 kg roof load gives this stage the advantage where options are concerned.

The stage has 80 m² of usable floor space and a floor load of 750 kg/m² and a minimum height of 120 cm. Expanding the floor space is made effortless and seamless by integrating a MonitorMix and/or change-over at the sides. In addition, a backstage or VIP area, for example can be added at the back.

No flooring is required for installation of the roof, making it possible to create an exclusive covered space with a spacious clearance. Among others, winter holiday pop-up pubs and VIP areas are all great ideas.