Would you like to receive a custom quote?

If so, just send us and e-mail and be sure to include the following elements. We'll send you a custom quote as soon as possible. Naturally you are always welcome to contact us by phone.

Essential specifications:
  • Date of set up and dismantlement
  • Whether the construction site is easily accessible by lorry
  • Type of foundation (grass, asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, etc.)
  • Whether the construction site includes any obstacles (thresholds or inclines, bushes, canals, flower beds, etc.)
  • Whether assistance will be available during set up and dismantlement
Whether it involves an indoor or outdoor event
  • Whether an entrance gate/door of at least 2 m is available
  • The height/width of the entrance door
  • Whether there is a difference in height prior to entering the hall/sports hall (coping stone, etc.)
  • The available space for installing the stage/stands