Entrance - Gates & Archways

Entrance gates are where visitors form their first impressions of an event. Gates and archways can be decorated with sponsor banners, using brands to entice visitors. However, the decoration of these structures alone can set the tone of an event, immersing visitors in the right mood right from the start.

Entrance gates are available in all sizes, big and small. Done up with pallets and bright colours, or even a laser-lit, meter-long tunnel: a unique entrance can determine the ambiance of your festival or event. Entrance gates are designed according to your specifications, with flexible options where height, width and depth are concerned. Separate passageways underneath for lorry transport are even an option.

Entrance gates are also the perfect location for checking tickets and verifying age; that’s because access points can be installed in varying widths. Access points are available in 1 m, 2 m, 3 m and 4 m-wide versions. The result? No more need for additional facilities!